Reference Projects

Banking – Transactions Analysis & Profiling

For the #1 biggest bank of Switzerland, transaction analysing and profiling application is developed by us. Customer transactions are monitored and suspicion alerts are generated in addition to the informative business charts and reports.

Banking –
Geolocation Based Access Filtering

For the #1 biggest Bank of Switzerland, a custom data security solution is provided. For the data-access and legal purposes, the application ensures that only the authorized users from the authorized locations may have data access.

Health & Medicare Industry - Simulation of Total Laboratory Automation

For one of the biggest global medical device companies,we deliver our consulting and software engineering power to re-develop the software of a major Laboratory Automation System which will improve laboratory operations, including but not limited to tests for COVID-19.

IoT – Edge Connect – Sensors to Cloud & Live Displays

For one of the biggest sensor producers of Germany, edge level connection HUB application is under continuous development by us.
The application runs on tablet-like custom hardware which collects process data from all kinds of industrial sensors
and forwarding them to IoT Cloud Hubs such as Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Cumulocity.
The application also provides useful Cockpit-Dashboards to provide live monitoring with charts and
Data on top of an intuitive & fluent Graphical User Interface.


For one of the biggest sensor producers of Germany, 
we are working on a cloud-based solution for VPN access
for additional license-management-

Insurance – SharePoint 2010 – 2019 Migration

For the #3 biggest Insurance Company in Germany, the development of automated SharePoint migration scripts with the help of the ShareGate Desktop tool is provided by us. Our script is responsible for migrating 1400 Site Collections.

Reinsurance – Solution Architecture Consulting

For the world’s largest Reinsurance Company in Germany, Solution Architecture consulting for collaboration, management and reporting dashboard application for the Claims and Reinsurance Accounting (RIA) department.

Beyond.RFP is a cloud-based, automated RFI & RFP (Request for Information & Request for Proposal) management platform designed to simplify, streamline, and automate the entire RFI and RFP processes. The platform helps companies manage the end-to-end process of responding to an RFI or RFP and awarding contracts.

It automates time-consuming tasks such as tracking deadlines and organising documents. With Beyond.RFP, companies can save time and money while ensuring that their RFIs and RFPs are compliant with industry regulations.

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