your Business into Digital!
As an internationally experienced software consulting company, we advise and assist you in digitizing your business and provide customized, innovative solutions to master your Digital Transformation!


Specialized in and developing solutions for enterprises, our goal is to reach remarkable transformations to the automation of your processes. In order to achieve the best results, we design innovative solutions according to your needs.

We excel at understanding your business requirements, consulting you towards the best solution, and applying the solutions on your IT infrastructure or on the Cloud so your business can move forward with confidence.

Our team of accomplished consultants with hands-on experience at leading corporations from Germany, Switzerland, and Japan, are ready to apply their knowledge to master your Digital Transformation.



Digitization can extend the control of companies, improve the agility and precision of management decisions, and speed up the development of business processes. At the same time,… Read more

Custom Software Development

As a Microsoft Partner, our aim is to deliver complete business requirements analysis, development, and deployment service using the highest caliber of Application Life-cycle Management discipline. The services we offer are including… Read more 

Internet Of Things & Industry 4.0

When joining the digitalization of Industry most companies face similar challenges. Continuous adaptation to the industrial transformation is needed to fulfill the requirement for improved economic performance and quality standards. In addition…
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Reference Projects

Banking – Transactions Analysis & Profiling /
Banking – Geolocation Based Access Filtering /
Health Industry – Laboratory Automation Software /
Sensor Manufacturing – IoT – Edge Connect – Sensors to Cloud & Live Displays /
Insurance – SharePoint 2010 – 2019 Migration / 

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About Us

Beyond Software Consulting is an internationally successful 
IT consulting company with experience in various industries
and fields. We realize solutions for digitizing
customer experience, work
environment, and corresponding processes,

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As official Microsoft partners, 
you can expect the highest standard
when it comes to Enterprise
Level Application Development.


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