Custom Software Development

As a certified Microsoft Partner, we deliver complete business requirements analysis, development and deployment service using highest calibre of Application Lifecycle Management discipline. Our services are including but not limited to:

        • Cloud in Mind / Hybrid based .NET / Javascript Applications
        • Front-End and Back-End Applications
        • Database Applications
        • Distributed Applications
        • Mobile Applications
        • Custom Microsoft Office Applications
        • SharePoint Add-Ins (Provider Hosted)

As a dedicated Microsoft Partner, we follow Microsoft Patterns and Guidelines for all the design, development, deployment and post-deployment phases. To deliver World-Class service, we respect the highest documentation standards to fulfil the corporation requirements. From the first contact until the deployment at Production and following standards we never leave our customer alone and dedicate resources with a realistic risk buffer.

To speak more technical and from the heart:

        • We love micro services!
        • We love containerization! Docker is our good friend.
        • We love Cloud-In-Mind approach (still supporting On-Premise too)!
        • We love sustainable, maintainable code!
        • We love documentation! Product Lifecycle is no foreign word to u
        • We love Client Side programming and responsive interfaces!
        • We love Databases! Relational or non-relational.

As official Microsoft partners you can expect the highest standard when it comes to Enterprise Level Application Development.

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