Digital Transformation

Digitization can extend the control of companies, improve the agility and precision at management decisions, and speed up the development of business processes. At the same time, the rapid adoption of automation technologies can conflict with proven and functioning business models. The automation and transformation processes should be taken carefully to bring a reliable change.

Our Vision

We believe that digital transformation needs careful attention to the business processes. People and business first, then technology: We focus on understanding the people and requirements of the organization first, then all needed technological changes and software developments follow.

Digital transformation is a big impact on change management. It impacts the flow of the data in an organization and as a result, all levels of an organization, tasks, and processes should adapt to these new models. Business leaders must constantly update their organizational structures and the way of handling the data the organization collects. This will bring remarkable productivity gains and significant competitive advantage and understand where and how their current operations could have fewer faults and bigger clarity. We are the experts of not only the collection of data, but we also bring clearly analyzed and minimized information that the organization actually and precisely needs.

Examples of Digital Transformation Projects

The examples below include the digital transformation scenarios our team accomplished in their careers with proven success.

Bank sector – helping the compliance departments of banks to develop automated alerts for fraud operations.
Bank sector – automatically mapping geolocational based security for the sensitive data to enable “who can access which information depending on the location”
Logistics Companies – developing a digital model for the pricing operations of a global logistics company.
Logistics (and all other) Companies – developing an automation model for automated generation of Proposals.
Logistics (and all other) Companies – answering the detailed customer questions using machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Industrial Production Companies – automation of providing access for certain devices remotely by degrading IT-Staff effort.
Sales and Marketing Departments – a creation of a central information pool for all Market Research done by the company.
Research and Development Departments – creating a central workflow to automate bidding and massive purchasing operations from the suppliers.

Digital Transformation is core expertise at Beyond Software Consulting. Our multi-country experienced consulting team brings services to analyze your current business, understand your requirement and offer solutions for improvements that make a visible and positive impact on your business.

We take all needed steps to understand the business requirements, having a clear view of what key people experience as the main difficulties, and with the help of the collaborative, relationship-based approach we deliver the necessary technology. We design and deliver significant transformations, building a strong relationship with the key people in your business and deliver a functioning change in the given timeframes.

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